Daniel Willson

Daniel Willson

Technologist. Black Belt. Fiddler.

Hello! I'm Daniel. I'm a student at the University of Virginia studying business and computer science. Outside of class, I pursue my interests in web design, entrepreneurship, and music.

Check out my recent projects below or read more about me.

More About Me

I love using technology to connect people and solve problems. This passion has led me to everything from web design to digital marketing to even customer service.

I have played the fiddle since I was 6. I've played in solo fiddle competitions, orchestras, a rock band, and in a gypsy jazz band, the Red Carpet Gypsies. My music is on iTunes and Spotify.

I am a second degree black belt in taekwondo. My study of taekwondo has taught me the importance of self-discipline, mutual respect, integrity, and perseverance. I try to practice these principles in all that I do.

I am a people person. I'm fascinated with people's stories and learning what makes each of us tick. How a client will use a product or how an audience will receive a performance is what drives me to improve.

I'm always interested in new projects or job opportunities. Tweet me hello or email me at daniel@danielwillson.me.

Check out my recent projects below

HackCville Media

A publication covering the maker and creative culture in Charlottesville

I founded and lead HackCville Media, an online publication that serves to highlight the designers, programmers, makers, and creatives who make Charlottesville rich in creativity and culture.

The 14-person team aims to showcase these people and their projects through high-quality web, photo, and video storytelling.

Here's an example of a feature we did on the Tom Tom Founders Festival, a local SXSW-like festival highlighting innovation in Charlottesville.

Through building this organization, I’ve learned the importance of fostering a focused and positive team culture. If everyone feels like they’re in an enviroment where they can do great work, then there's no limit to what we can do as a team.

Our team also works with outside clients. If you're interested in hiring us, email let us know.

You can learn more about HackCville Media here.

Tom Tom Founders Festival

A festival celebrating music, art, and innovation in Charlottesville

The Tom Tom Founders Festival (and its fall counterpart Tomtoberfest) are two of Charlottesville's largest annual events. This past spring Tom Tom attracted nearly 15,000 people with over 60 concerts, 20 TED-style talks, and 5 block parties. The mission is to kickstart creative and innovative collaborations across Charlottesville.

Tom Tom Founders Festival

The Downtown Mall during the 2013 Tom Tom Founders Festival

As the Student Outreach Coordinator for the festivals, my job is to connect University of Virginia students and student groups to the festival. I lead a small team that works to establish student organizations as Tom Tom partners. These organizations hold events in partnership with Tom Tom, whether it be a pitch competition, acapella concerts, or a food festival.

Tom Tom Founders Festival

The Haven during one of the spring festival's 60 concerts

I also coordinate all student marketing for Tom Tom. I work closely with the marketing contacts at each partner organization to make sure Tom Tom’s message is consistent across dozens of newsletters and various social media channels.

I’ve learned that fast, clear, and concise communication is the key to planning anything. I’ve learned that marketing strategies are most successful when they span across multiple channels: traditional, print, and digital.

Tom Tom Founders Festival

The crowd at the 2013 McGuffey Block Party

Perhaps most of all, I’ve learned the importance and power of new ideas, and how they fuel our community, our businesses, and each of us. Tom Tom introduces people to incredible works of creativity across multiple disciplines, and invites them to get involved. I love that I get to introduce my peers to these new ideas and opportunities.

You can learn more about the Tom Tom Founders Festival here.


A web design and development shop and a Tumblr A-List partner

I'm the Community Support Manager for Storyware, where I provide customer support for the users of Storyware’s Tumblr themes. I help people fix and tweak their blog until it’s just right.

Recently, I recorded a series of 11 videos (embedded above) that guide users through some of the most common questions we receive about our themes and Tumblr in general. It’s often a challenge to explain technical solutions to users’ problems, and these videos make it a lot easier.

At Storyware I’ve had to develop, adapt, and combine my skills in challenging ways. Sometimes I’ll have to find a code-based solution to a problem, and then find a way to communicate the solution in layman’s terms to the user. As a result, my role at Storyware has taught me both a lot about web development and how to clearly communicate with users.

My Music

My album with the Red Carpet Gypsies is on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Bandcamp, and Spotify.

Daniel Willson playing violin

I also occasionally play gigs around Charlottesville and the Washington D.C. area. Stay updated here or let me know if you’d like me to play for your event.

Contact Me

I'm always looking for new projects and job opportunities.

Email me and I’ll get back to you fast - usually within 24 hours.

My full resumé is available on LinkedIn.